1) English Adult Home Group (Thurs, 02/12): Our next home group will be at Ben and Hannah’s home. We welcome all young adults and adults to join us for potluck and Bible study. Please contact Ben for address.

2) All student ministries cancelled (Fri, 02/20): Both KFC and Youth Group will be off that Friday due to Chinese New Year.

3) “To Save a Life” Youth Curriculum: Our youth group began a new series based on the film “To Save a Life”. The film is about a popular teenage boy searching for the purpose and significance of life. We will have in-depth study and discussion based on the film for the following six weeks. Invite your friend(s) who may be wrestling with the same questions about life.

4) Our Daily Bread Daily Devotionals: This year, we encourage all our church members to use Our Daily Bread for daily devotionals. Hard copies will be available quarterly at the Welcome Table. You can also subscribe digitally via mobile app, eBooks, or email. Please visit www.odb.org for more details. Join us for life transformation through the Word of God.