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Attack from within and without (1 John 3:19-4:6)

by fcbcsgv

As Christians, we live between the valley of failures and the hill of victory. When we are in those valleys, Satan will try to lie to us through our conscience or through false teaching in this world. As believers, we must believe rightly about Jesus Christ. Our conviction in His divinity and His humanity will […]

Jesus Christ The Eternal Life

by Benjamin Wu

Eternal life is the singular message that the Apostle John desired to proclaim to his audience. Eternal life can only be found in Christ who is God eternal and man incarnate. Eternal life is more than just about the length of time. It has to do with the quality of life. When we have Christ, […]

Christmas Light (John 1:1-9)

by Benjamin Wu

Why do we put up Christmas light during Christmas? We live in a dark and broken world. But God sent His own son Jesus Christ as the Light of the world. He became the light that we all need and are looking for. When we have Jesus in our lives, we can be right with […]