Introduction of Joel:

The “day of the Lord” is the dominant theme of the book of Joel. Both the nations and Israel experience this judgment. However, for the repentant community, the “day” also holds out the hope of restoration. Ultimately, the Lord’s covenant faithfulness is expressed in his promises of abundance and protection, which evidence his dwelling in the midst of his people. This is epitomized in the great promise of “my Spirit” that would be poured out on “all flesh”. (excerpt taken from ESV study Bible)

Monday:  Joel 1:1-12
How does God want us to respond when we recognize our sins toward Him?

Tuesday: Joel 1:13-20
Why must we repent and turn to God as sinners?

Wednesday: Joel 2:1-11
What would the Day of the Lord be like?

Thursday: Joel 2:12-17
Why did God continue to reach out to His disobedient people through Joel? What kind of God do we believe in?

Friday: Joel 2:18-32
When we return to the Lord, what does He promise to do for us?

Saturday: Joel 3:1-16
For those who have sinned against God and His people, what would happen to them on the Day of the Lord?

Sunday: Joel 3:17-21
What does God’s judgment and salvation ultimately lead us to?