To_Save_A_LifeIn the To Save A Life series, we will deal with hard but very real issues like social acceptance, cutting, teen suicide, depression, and somehow being Jesus’ hands and feet in a hurting world. Even though these are difficult topics, over the next few weeks the series will help your son or daughter become equipped to reach out to the hurting and lonely on their campuses and truly make a difference in their world. I really encourage you to ask your teen about their experiences each week, and be ready to listen to what they’re learning and how they’re being challenged.

What’s Your Life Going to Be About?

In a compelling scene from the movie To Save A Life, the youth pastor tells the main character, Jake, “At some point, you’ve gotta answer the question, ‘What’s your life going to be about?’” Teen life is full of questions…and defining moments. Help your teen see themselves as loved by God and able to live a life of real significance.

Series Schedule:

  • 01/16: Movie showing
  • 01/30: Lowering the Waterline—If we are going to love the hurting and lonely, then we first need to know how much God loves us.
  • 02/06: You’re Not Alone—We need to notice and respond to hurting and lonely peers in our sphere of influence.
  • 02/20: Say Something…Do Something—We want to not just know about hurting and lonely peers, but to serve them and be “Jesus’ hands and feet.”
  • 03/06: What’s your Logline?—We want to meet our peers in their hurt and to help others rewrite their stories based on how God sees them.
  • 03/20: How to Save a Life—God can actually use our small acts of service for the hurting and lonely to save people’s lives and change the world.
  • 03/27: Agape Feast—We’ll celebrate together with a huge potluck dinner like the early church.