Youth Small Groups |  3:30PM – 4:45PM | Basement classrooms | 6th – 12th Grade 
Our youth small groups provide a safe environment for youth to explore, learn and to share life together based on the biblical truth. Small group equips students to grow in the knowledge of God and to gain a Biblical worldview. And we believe that is best done in a loving and supportive community.

ENGLISH WORSHIP |  5:00PM – 6:15PM | Basement chapel | 6th Grade and older
English Worship is a celebration of God. It is a worship service that connects God through the forms of music, prayers, offerings, and sermons. English Worship is also a training center as many youth participate in the different service opportunities throughout the service.


YOUTH GROUP |  7:30PM – 9:30PM (except the 5th Friday of each month) | Chapel | 6th – 12th Grade
Relationship building is key to the development of today’s youth. Our youth group is designed to help students to connect to Jesus Christ and to connect with others. Each week they participate in fun activities, games and Bible lessons. We understand friendships and support are vital to our youth in the midst of increasing pressures from this world. They will meet in age specific small groups each week. Our youth group is a safe place for them to wrestle with their identities and to mature as a person.

For questions or  information, please contact Minister Benjamin Wu.