Everest Summer Bible Camp Volunteer (Mon, 08/10)
Please arrive to church by 8:00am (Mon) for team devotion. We will begin receiving children by 8:30am.

Youth Group starting on (Fri., 08/21)
We will be kicking off the new school year on Friday 08/21 with food, games and sharing. We will welcome our incoming 6th graders and start out our year with a bang!

Time change for English Worship Service (Fri., 08/23)
Starting on 08/23, English worship service will start at 5pm in the chapel instead of 3:30pm.

Fall Quarter Sunday School Classes (Sun, 08/23)
We will begin our fall quarter of Sunday school classes (Jr high, high school and college/young adult) on Sunday 08/23. Classes will begin at 3:30pm due to the change in worship service time.