Welcome Incoming 6th Graders!
Please take an opportunity to welcome our incoming 6th graders after worship service. They are promoted into our youth department today. Help them feel welcome!

Youth Group starting on (Fri., 08/21)
We will be kicking off the new school year on Friday 08/21 with food, games and sharing. We will welcome our incoming 6th graders and start out our year with a bang!

Time change for English Worship Service (Fri., 08/23)
Starting on 08/23, English worship service will start at 5pm in the chapel instead of 3:30pm.

Fall Quarter Sunday School Classes (Sun, 08/23)
We will begin our fall quarter of Sunday school classes (Jr high, high school and college/young adult) on Sunday 08/23. Classes will begin at 3:30pm due to the change in worship service time.